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by: Julissa Contreras

Director: Tatyana-Marie Carlo

Scenic Designer: Rodrigo Escalante

Lighting Designer: Alberto Ruíz

Costume Designer: Jennifer Colon

Projection Design: Stefania Bulbarella

Sound Designer: Germán Martínez

INTAR Theater - New York City, NY

Theater Pizzaz (Walter Murphy)

Lighting and Sound Design, Alberto Ruiz and Germán Martínez, respectively were perfect for the space. The audio is important to the story and it heightenens the experience especially when news clips play.

THEATERMANIA (Zachary Stewart)

"Flash forward a year and two months and projection designer Stefania Bulbarella and Sound Designer Germán Martínez thrillingly create this time warp with an explosion of images and sounds"
VAMONOS - Y2K SequenceGermán
00:00 / 01:36

2023 HOLA Award recipient of:

Outstanding Achievement in Theatrical Design

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