Sound Designer and Audio Engineer

Germán Martínez is a freelance Sound Designer and Audio Engineer based in NYC/NJ. He received his degree in Sound Design and Management from Montclair State University in May 2018.


As an Engineer, he welcomes challenging musicals to program and run, and unique venues to build sound systems in.


As a designer, he seeks original and enticing plays to help develop, and bring forward the stories of bold playwrights. He strives to provide his services in order to make art from the heart. Some of the work that motivates Germán are stories that explore the topics of, but are not exclusive to the LGBTQIA experiences, immigrant and first generation stories, and the POC narrative.


His first MFA Sound Design credit was recently presented at NYU. Other work include: Derecho (Brooklyn College), Gárgola! (MCC), The Merit System (Long Wharf Theatre), MAC BETH (Lucille Lortel and Hunter College), The Fre (The Flea Theatre), MIRRORS (New York Theatre Workshop). 

Keep up with his work on his Instagram: GermanTheSoundDesigner


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