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Carnegie Hall Studios, NY

Director: Richard Hamburger

Playwright: Melissa Cooper

Stage Manager: German Martinez

RTA's Reentry Project

Since 2015, RTA has been meeting in studio spaces donated by Carnegie Hall and the Ensemble Studio Theater. The Project is to create a play about the lingering effects of prison, of unlearning aspects of prison survival that don't work on the outside. Dealing with housing, employment and family at one time would be crushing for those with loads of resources. the additional requirements of parole, the stigma of prison and the cultural disorientation from the no-tech world they left behind makes the transition overwhelming. 

The Reentry Project ensemble has become a strong community of creative expression and mutual support.  

The play that emerged from this process, Home is a Verb, written by Melissa Cooper.

RTA Rehabilitation Through The Arts, NYC
  • Development Piece

  • 7 actors

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